AZM - Modulare Aufblasbare Zelte

AZM 8-4 SR

103,75 m ²
Lățime: 8,30 m
Lungime: 12,50 m
Înălțime la streașină:  m
Înălțime la coamă: 4,15 m
Greutate cort: 566 kg


The Multifunctional Medium-Sized Tent, in its basic structure composed by 3 modules, covers a 103 m2 surface.


  • Modularity: The surface can be enlarged up to 160 square meters by adding central modules
  • Easy assembly: the structure can be erected without a skilled crew
  • Fast assembly: Thanks to the pneumatic technology, the structure can be erected in less than one hour, with considerable advantages compared to traditional structures in metal frame
  • Easy transport: each module covers only 1,5 square meters
  • Technology: high frequency welding that, compared to other technologies, guarantees a total insulation from the outside

Variante de culori

kaki / nisip
Verde NATO